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  1. Something variegated has many different colors, as in the trees of autumn or the feathers of a peacock. Whenever you see "vari" at the beginning of a word, you know .
  2. 3 Dark Horse Yarns FANTASY Skeins Variegated Purples Light Dark Colors Mach Wash. $ shipping: + $ shipping. New LION brand Acrylic Camel Yarn #4 Medium Lot Of 10 Skeins Yards MSRP $ $ Free basspenpelondoritletibidogstenspled.xyzinfo Rating: % positive.
  3. Variegation. Hostas with variegated leaves have lighter markings on the leaves. These markings may be cream, yellow or light green. In some cases, the markings are on the center of the leaves; in.
  4. var·i·e·gate (vâr′ē-ĭ-gāt′, vâr′ĭ-gāt′, văr′-) tr.v. var·i·e·gat·ed, var·i·e·gat·ing, var·i·e·gates 1. To change the appearance of, especially by marking with different colors. 2. To give variety to; make varied. [From Late Latin variegātus, past participle of variegāre: Latin varius, various + Latin agere, to do.
  5. The gills are attached, not broad, ascending, variegated with gray and black. The gills are adnexed, dark slate-colored, variegated with black spores. The tail of the former kind is variegated in a circle; of the other, white at the side. Thus he fell, and his armour, variegated with brass, rang about him.
  6. Variegated False Agave Furcraea foetida 'Variegata' Sku # Large, spineless, variegated leaves make this a striking plant in the landscape. Once the plant reaches 10 to 12 years of age, it will send up a flower stalk reaching up to 10 feet tall, producing large, white flowers. Great for .
  7. A compact evergreen shrub with spikes of purple flowers in early summer. Attractive variegated grey green leaves with creamy margins. Attracts butterflies and .
  8. Variegated foliage gives your plants interest even in the absence of flowers. An example is this red twig dogwood bush with variegated foliage (Cornus alba Elegantissima). This variegated shrub does bear flowers in spring (sometimes succeeded by berries), but it's valued more for its bi-colored leaves, which you can enjoy for three seasons.
  9. Variegated has been adding color to our language since the 17th century. It is used in botany to describe the presence of two or more colors in the leaves, petals, or other parts of plants, and it also appears in the names of some animals (such as the variegated cutworm).

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