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  1. small (smôl) adj. small·er, small·est 1. a. Being below average in size: a small car. b. Being below average in quantity or extent: a small donation; a small project. 2. Limited in importance or significance; trivial: a small matter. 3. Having limited position, influence, or status; minor: "A crowd of small writers had vainly attempted to rival.
  2. 2 days ago · Smaller producers such as Iraq and Nigeria fell back on their commitments, with Iraq meeting only 38% of its obligations, and Nigeria complying only .
  3. Enter Smaller, a world of things that are larger than you. Help George to overcome his shrunken condition and return to his right size. But, you must overcome the dangers of this fantasy world. George, an ordinary guy, finds a magic book and it transforms him Reviews: 1.
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  5. Small definition is - having comparatively little size or slight dimensions. How to use small in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of small.
  6. Oct 29,  · A smaller appendage and anal sex is a match made in heaven. This delicate area is full of highly sensitive nerve endings and some very thin skin.
  7. smaller najas [Najas minor, syn.: Caulinia minor, Fluvialis minor, Ittnera minor] Kleines Nixkraut {n}bot. Kleines Nixenkraut {n}bot. smaller number kleinere Anzahl {f} a little smaller {adj} etwas kleiner ein wenig kleiner to encourage smaller business kleinere Unternehmen fördern (smaller) diving-petrel [Pelecanoides urinatrix.
  8. small definition: 1. little in size or amount when compared with what is typical or average: 2. A small child is a. Learn more.
  9. Jul 13,  · This CT summer camp is back and smaller, but ready to offer fun. 1 / 3. Back to Gallery MADISON — Are children ready for an adventure after months .

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